Macy's Culinary Council -- Dave Lieberman

2008年05月08日 11:00

I was looking for something to do and found this culinary council thing at Macy's.

It was a life culinary demonstration at the Macy's in downtown Boston. The chef is a young guy starting to gain fame. I haven't seen him yet on Food Network but he has a show there.

Anyway, it's a free event but of course it involves some marketing here and there.

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The event was set to start at noon. My friend and I got there a bit early to secure good seatings. They set up a stage and some chairs by the kitchenware corner on the lower level.

When they were getting ready to start I took a snap shot of the ingredients for the day.


Introducing our chef, Dave Lieberman. Pretty cute guy! Yale graduate too! =)

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These are the appy and dessert we got from ther servers.
Crab meat guacomole (ok good), potato skin (not so good), and chocolate fudge minis (very moist, YUM!).


Let's get cookin'!


This spring salad was easy and delicious. Using egg yolk as part of the dressing was a very nice idea indeed!

My first time having morel mushroom. Very rich flavor and it goes well with the whipped cream in the sauce. But somehow the scallop wasn't the best. Maybe a bit more grilling would do the trick.

Hey but what can I complain more about! Free food free drink and a big discount card!
Wish they'll have more of this soon!


  1. su | URL | -

    uki chan, 返左美國啦!! 美國真係幾好, 最近凍唔凍呢? 而家天氣反常, 日本開始熱啦.

    E個男仔真係幾好樣喎. ^^ 不過睇黎佢D 頭髪好有危機感. 哈哈哈. 免費有得食我都想呀!!

  2. ukishima | URL | -

    >hi Su,
    今次個event係for母親節o既、係internet度無意中発見、真係幾好ga。個chefOK好樣、所以買本cookbook要autograph o羅。hehehe