Clam Chowder Fest (July 6, 2008)

2008年07月13日 01:03

I mentioned I went to the Boston Harbor Fest last weekend when I wrote about visiting Bunker Hill the other day.



Here are the pictures from the Clam Chowder Fest at Boston Harborfest. It took place right outside the Government Center station of the green line. 7 restaurants took part in this event to compete for the title of "the best clam chowder" in Boston. 3 times winners are put on the hall of fame list and are no longer eligible to compete.

This year, Christopher's, Omni Hotel, Daily Grill, Farmer Browns, The Daily Catch, The Oceanaire, and The Chicken Bone were in the competition. I tried and compared all of them and voted for my favorite!

Just a quick look at the chowders...
Christopher's booth was located closest to the entrance so my friend and I started from there. It had the longest line and they gave out stickers to people in line to keep them busy. Their clam chowder was light and had a lot of herb in it. I personaly don't like very thick and creamy things so it was my personal favorite. (I actually went back for 2nd's!)
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Daily Grill. I thought is was very ordinary. Was it the one I found a bit sour?? Can't remember correctly...
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Omni Hotel. It was thick and rich with cheese in it. Not bad but not exactly my cup of tea.
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Farmer Browns. As the name says it all, lots of delicious vegetable in this chowder. It was a very hearty home made style clam chowder that many people will consider as a comfort food. It was my 2nd pick.
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The Daily Catch. Well, I was wondering why this Italian restaurant would be in this competition and still am puzzled. heehee
Their chowder was really thick. I felt bad but I couldn't finish all of it.
252854042603_0_ALB[1] 529834042603_0_ALB[1]

Oceanaire. I've heard about this restaurant from some locals so I was really looking forward to it. But to my disappointment I didn't like the flavor and texture.
101844042603_0_ALB[1] 429644042603_0_ALB[1]

The Chicken Bone. I was skeptical when I saw the name of the restaurant. I mean, what does chicken has to do with clam chowder or seafood in general? But it did LOOK really delicious with lots of clam and veggies in it. Unfortunately I could not finish it all. I can't remember correctly but I think it didn't taste fresh and the flavor was a bit strange to my liking.
127334042603_0_ALB[1] 559754042603_0_ALB[1]

Turner from the hall of fame. It was the 2nd best out of all chowders that I had that day. But it's already won 3 times thus not here to compete. It was a light but flavorful chowder with just enough of vegetables and clams in it.
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The weather was wonderful but a bit hot when we went. After a few chowders we decided to sit down and rest a little bit. There was an area with some chairs where you can sit down and enjoy the performance of a live band.

We also saw many friendly Blackberrys walking around.

Other than just clam chowder, there were a few booths set up outside the venue. We had our picture taken at the Comcast booth. There were also other booths giving out food and toys. We got free diet Pepsi Max.
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I really like him!

Phillsbury was attakced by Blackberry and they started wrestling!

It was not as crowded as I've imagined. And it was interesting to have the oppourtunity to actually compare different clam chowders. Would recommend going to this event.


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