Free Concert and Movies at Hatch Shell--Part One

2008年08月23日 22:07


去年一度も行く機会がなかったHATCH SHELLにはやっと今週行くことができました。

先ずは水曜日のLongwood Symphony Orchestraが演奏するコンサート。

今回は中国の音楽というテーマもあって、最初の一曲目はChina DreamsからのFanfareでした。
そして、今年Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts Concerto Competitionを優勝した今年16歳の中国系カナダ人Wesley Chuの演奏も生で聴くことができました。

このThe Landmarks Festival at the Shellというのは皆の音楽を鑑賞する興味をアップさせるためで始めたものだそうです。Longwood Symphonyのメンバーは皆医療業界の方々で、医者やナースなど、とにかく優秀な人ばっかりです。司会者によると、多くのメンバーが音大を卒業してから医療業界に入ったみたいです。なので、本当に音楽を大好きなエリートだと。





Living in Boston could be a lot of fun. Especially in the summer.

There are always a lot of events lined up by the city. A lot of them are free.
We went to the Hatch Shell for a free concert the other day.

It's called the Landmarks Festival at the Shell and it's performed by the Longwood Symphony Orchestra. All members of this Orchestra are from the medical industry and a lot of them have a degree in music other than their own medical specializations. (What smart people eh?!)

This free event is aimed to diverse public audiences' appreciation of fine music.

So we could sit down on the grass, have a picnic while we enjoy music--for free. Isn't that great?! Rather than sitting in a concert hall, this is much more relaxing and fun.

The concert is on for many Wednesdays in the summer and the theme of the August 20th concert was Action and Adventure. Since it collaborated with the Foundation for the Chinese Performing Arts, the first piece was a Chinese piece. ("Fanfare" from China Dreams)

And the 16 year old Chinese Canadian Wesley Chu, winner of the 2008 Foundation for the Chinese Performing Arts piano competition, also performed a few pieces.

I don't know very much about music so I guess I fit in really well in the event. heehee

Overall it was a fun and relaxing thing to do. Too bad we were away most of the summer and the event will be over in about 3 weeks before they do it again next summer. I'm glad I didn't miss the fun and went at least once!

In case you're interested, I'm posting info of the last 3 concerts below.

Aug 27 Symphonic Dancing
Waltzes, polkas, mambos and tangos

Sept 3 Red Sox and Apple Pie
Celebrating the Red Sox and the 100th anniversary of the birth of Leroy Anderson

Sept 10 Verdi Requiem
Chorus Pro Musica and guest soloists Barbara Quintiliani, Mary Westbrook-Geha, Yeghishe Manucharyan, and Robert Honeysucker