Breakfast 朝食 早餐

2008年12月12日 08:23

I've been trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Meaning to sleep at around or before midnight and wake up early. Keep a good diet and eat 3 meals a day (that I'm still working hard on, especially not to skip lunch combining it with dinner). So to start off I've been making breakfast, both for myself and hubby, of course! So that we can eat together before he goes to work.

Then I thought to myself, how should we define breakfast? Traditional Japanese breakfast = fish + rice + miso soup. I think that's too much food to stuff into your mouth when you're still half asleep. We sometimes just make it a slice of bread with jam, or anything from the fridge that we can find (maybe a BIG slice of cheescake...?)

My parents love congee with many different things in it (stuff that I hate...), but hubby doesn't like congee so that's been ruled out. Other than that I'm pretty much open to anything. And whatever I make hubby puts into his mouth with his eyes half closed.

I guess it really doesn't matter afterall, as long as we like it right? =)
A friend of mine use to have hot pot for breakfast when he's in the mood. And THAT's weird!

So, anyway, when I was looking back at my photos taken the past couple days, we've been eating pretty big breakfasts. I guess it's all internationalized, hard to define what style it is...

This...yukon gold hash browns (or just potato bits), sunny side up, fresh fruits. Should we call it western?

Then this...macoroni in soup with bacon and broccoli. Definitely Hong Kong style. Who else would put their macoroni in soup? You can really get your tongue burnt by the soup in the pasta.

And this...hotcake. The Japanese way (meaning the fluffy and sweet ones, but not like IHOPS).
With maple syrup and raspberry.

Just to record my hotcake recipe...

dry ingredients:
flour 150g
bp 5g
salt 1pinch

wet ingredients:
large egg 1
sugar 25g (dry but I usually mix it with the egg)
milk 150-200g (adjust the thickness of the batter according to your liking)
vanilla 1tsp
melted butter 30g

yay I love breakfast! Speaking of which I am starting to crave crispy bacon... Awww