Amtrak to Albany, NY

2009年02月28日 05:56

Amtrak is the trans America train system that we took to Albany.
It is somewhat similar to the regular train in Japan.

The reason why we didn't use the Peter Pan bus is that hubby thinks the train ride should be smoother than a bus ride so he can actually study on the way there. Turns out it was an ok ride, and you can also plug in your laptop or other electronic devices if you need some extra electricity.

We ordered our tickets online so we had to claim our tickets at the kiosk when we were at South Station.


These are the ticketing machines. You can purchase your tickets on the day but of course you'd want to do it in advance.

There is a bar code on the online order confirmation. All you have to do is to scan the bar this...

Then the tickets will be printed automatically. Easy enough.

On the day of our departure, the train was sold out. It was actually a good idea we left from South Station rather than from Backbay, otherwise it would have been difficult to find 2 seats together. (Seats are all open, so first come first serve it is.)

The train itself a bit dated...

But the seats are spacious with lots of leg room.

Compared to bus services, it takes about 1-2 hours longer each way. But you do get more leg room and can walk around a bit when you get bored. Price wise, it's cheaper too! About $23 each way for the Amtrak but about $35(?) when you use the bus.