The skating season is almost over

2009年03月12日 11:16

The Frog Pond in Boston Common is used as a skating rink during the winter. It's something common in cold places like Boston and New York, but we only see indoor skating rinks in Hong Kong and Vancouver. Though I don't love skating myself, I do think it's quite romantic to skate outdoor.

Hubby and I took a walk from Chinatown to Beacon Hill after we had dinner with our friends at East Ocean. The weather was nice and pleasant giving the city a very romantic atmosphere. We walked past the Common and saw the rink from afar. The lighting made the whole area very pretty and I couldn't help walking closer to take a few pictures.


Seemed to me the ice was starting to melt and it reflected the light so beautifully.
They had music playing and the young ones were really enjoying themselves.

So winter is over and this ice rink will become a pond again...